Feasibility Study for Solar Energy

A feasibility assessment for solar energy can follow on from a pre-feasibility assessment, or may be the first step in evaluating a site’s potential for solar energy production. Its aim is to enable the project stakeholders to confidently make a decision on the projects future.

For solar projects, a pre-feasibility study is more likely to be used when a number of different sites need to be evaluated, or a number of generation options are to be considered (for example comparisons between solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and solar thermal/gas hybrid). Where a site has already been chosen and/or a technology option is already chosen (for example where constraints limit the options to solar PV only for example), then a pre-feasibility study is unlikely to be conducted. A feasibility study follows a similar process but is more detailed as it focuses on one particular site and/or technology.

Some of the tasks that may be undertaken at this stage include;

Site survey and solar resource assessment

This involves physically inspecting the site to assess the topography, nearby obstructions, and constraints that may affect how and where the solar installation is to be sited. At this stage local electricity distribution infrastructure is identified which will assist with the review of grid connection requirements.

We will obtain local long term solar radiation data, and perform shading analysis, which we use to help with positioning and annual energy production estimates.

Preliminary Site Map

From the site survey and site constraints, we produce a map of where the solar installation is best placed, the best panel orientation, and whether tracing mounts should be used for PV installations.

Equipment Options

After the site survey and assessment, we work out what available options exist that will suit the site and meet the project requirements, and we can make a comparison of the different options.

Grid Connection

Determine closest electricity network which is available for connection, and the most appropriate way to connect to the network. We will get in touch with the local distribution authority and obtain a budget estimate to connect to the network.

Planning Checks

As part of the planning checks, we will assist with the following;

Economics and Performance

Suno will estimate the annual energy production for the system, including an estimate for shading.

We will produce a budget cost estimate for the project which will include estimates for the following;


The financial performance of the project shows the initial capital, the break even point and annual income expected afterwards.